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We Will Miss You!

We embarked on this remarkable journey 36 years ago.  From the very first garments sold to a 'real store', our rental house with the 200 square foot room over the garage, from the moment we realized that what I designed would actually sell ~ a labor of love, and Patsy Aiken Designs was born! 1979

Fast forward, and we mean FAST, now what? 

Although we don't know how it got 'so late so soon', as Dr. Seuss said ~ we wanted to let you know officially that Patsy Aiken Designs anticipates closing May, 2015.    There ~we said it!   It scares us a little, but it HAS BEEN 36 years, time for new adventures!  

What does this mean for our customers and fans?

  • We will continue to sell our current inventory online, offering monogramming and the best customer service the two of us can!
  • When we are out of a style or size or a type of fabric, it is gone.  The prices are fabulous and yes, they may be reduced further, but the style you want might be gone. Order now for best choices.
What does this mean for us?
  • We will spend more time with our Grandsons! and family.
  • We will travel!
  • We will consult | we have certainly been the whole route!  Design, sourcing, manufacturing, pattern making, fit, fabric design, manufacturing software development and cash flow planning, marketing, web site design and management (both front and back end) photo-shoots, catalog production, embroidery, monogramming, shipping, customer service, Home Party programs, selling to wholesale stores. Whew, did I say 36 years?
  • We will probably surprise you with another venture!

You may always contact us about anything, at  We encourage it!  Joel and I are the only recipients at that email address, and we would love to hear from you! 

Our very best, and thanks, always,
Patsy and Joel

Oh! And if you are an entrepreneur, and would like to talk with us about carrying on our brand, contact us!


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