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It's A Girl | Sew Some Sweetness

Two weeks ago, something extraordinarily special happened!  Baby Greer was born!  A tiny bundle of heavenly.  And Joel and I became grandparents for the third glorious time!

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” ******

Of course, all this preciousness inspires creativity, and we have been preparing for that creativity by making sure we are adding new infant patterns to our site.  Create the look you have always loved for special babies in your life. Make it with love!

 As I have mentioned, I am a slightly out of control multi-tasker. While rocking my granddaughter and planning our next creative project, I am also thinking about the day she begins to eat solid foods.  Naturally, the parents of our granddaughter plan to grow their own farm-to-table baby food, all organic and made in tiny little batches for a healthy start to life. Surely! :)    

But, if 'life' gets in the way of growing it, I am sure they will prepare it, so I am on the search for a stellar baby food cookbook.  If you have suggestions, post a note!  There is no rush, she is only fourteen days old!  You have time to sew a few things first!

Sew some love!  Patsy


******credits: Elizabeth Stone

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  • REbecca COke on

    Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. Best baby food book ever. Congrats!!

  • Maria on

    Congratulations- such a blessing!

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